You Will Never Unsee This Miniature Furniture Designed Especially for Cats

Meow we’re talking!

Cat furniture. Furniture for cats.
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Cats, as cute as they may be, are still kind of wild inside and basically just put up with humans. If the average house cat was the size of a Bengal tiger, it would kill everyone in sight then poop on the floor because it was mad there was no one left to change its box.

Fortunately for us, they’re pet-sized, and Japanese furniture manufacturer Okawa City thinks cuddly kittens deserve a purrfectly-scaled couch to rest their tired wittle paws on. 

Okawa City

AWWWW. High Snobiety has all the fine details on the origins of this absurd-but-adorable project: 

The goal of the project is to in turn promote Fukuoka, an area in Japan that is a hub for professional craftsmen, ranging from those in woodworking and hardware to glass and cutlery. The city is home to 150 furniture-manufacturing factories.  

Dubbed “craftsman MADE,” the campaign highlights actual furniture that has been scaled down in size to accommodate cats. An installation showcasing the project will be placed in Okawa Terrazza, the city’s tourism and interior information center.  

Regardless of whether you’ll admit it, we know you secretly want to see more feline-sized furniture. Wish granted! 

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