The Most Convenient Survival Kit You Can Clutch

It’ll help you both look and keep your cool in an emergency.

The problem with most emergency preparedness kits is that they’re too ugly to keep out in the open and kinda awkward to grab and carry amidst an actual disaster. But the Minim+Aid, designed in Japan by Nendo for DIY retailer Sugita Ace, is as stylish as it is resource-full.

Inside the long, slender tube that quickly straps across your back (smartly leaving you hands-free in an emergency) are five numbered cylinders, each available in three colors and providing such important items as a whistle and a hand-cranked radio that can also power your phone or the included lantern; a rain poncho; and a drinking water pouch. One empty small container at the bottom is good for any medications or other little MacGuyver-y type items you might want to have handy.

The outer tube, which is both buoyant and waterproof, will come in silver, white or black. So far, we haven’t heard about pricing or availability. But as soon as we do, this’ll be the first thing we place in our umbrella stand by the door.

Photos by Nendo/Kenichi Sunehara