These Headphones Have Their Own Built-in Audiophile Amplifier

Wait, what’s that?

Though no one would claim we’re suffering from a shortage of headphones, really amazing ones are certainly in short supply. By that, we’re talking about the whole package, the kind of cans that fit great for hours on end, look striking and (most importantly) deliver rich, pure, detailed sound. The respected audio engineers at Blue Microphones got it right with their first foray into head gear, Mo-Fi ($350).

Their multi-jointed metallic frames give them a somewhat robotic look, but that’s exactly what makes them fit so well. With their comfy cups sealed over your ears, it’s time to delve into Pink Floyd, Beck, Red Hot Chili Peppers or whatever album/artist you find truly immersive. No judgment here *cough* Selena Gomez *cough*.

Before you do, you’ll notice that these headphones definitely have some heft to them—and with good reason. After all, instead of the typical bulky, external, tube-filled analog amp audiophiles swear by, these headphones amazingly have that functionality built right in. And the extra weight is totally worth it.

In addition to an unpowered setting, which sounds good, two powered settings provide an ample 12 to 14 hours of amped tunes: The On setting offers a big boost to whatever you’re listening to. Everything still sounds warm and bright, just bigger. The On+ setting is for adding some extra low end—not in the shake your fillings loose kinda way, but in a subtle-but-noticeable upgrade that more naturally enhances the bass. You know it’s there without it smacking you in the face.

If you like the idea of Mo-Fi, but are fine sacrificing some of that power for a lighter version, Blue just recently released Lola. Still a great fit and all the other stuff, just less oomph. Either way, from grooving to vinyl to blasting through console games and every musical genre in between, both are solid headphones for the money.

Photos by Blue Microphones