The Moleskine with Brains

Go digital while keeping it analog.

There’s a reason everyone from Hemingway and Picasso to the guy with the slouchy beanie working on his screenplay in Starbucks has scribbled ideas down in a Moleskine: The simple, easily-pocketable notebooks are perfect for To-Do lists and doodles, midnight inspirations and one-liners. The Moleskine Smart Notebook retains the same old-school appeal, but brings it into the modern world. It uses an app to sync and store anything you write within its pages with Adobe Creative Cloud. Special markers on the corners of the pages give the app landmarks, so that it can accurately recreate the page to scale on screen. From there, captures can be edited in either Photoshop or Illustrator (as JPEG or SVG vector files, respectively), saving doodlers and big thinkers everywhere from fighting with the office scanner, yet again. [$33;]