Mortal Kombat’s Goriest Trailer Ever

The new trailer for Mortal Kombat X features a dude getting his hands sliced off and an impromptu lobotomy. 

When Mortal Kombat first showed up in arcades and consoles in the nineties, it immediately set off a firestorm of finger-wagging about whether video games had become too violent and were corrupting our youth. Twenty years later, youths are as corrupt as they’ve ever been and Mortal Kombat is an institution. The new trailer for Mortal Kombat X features some returning favorites like Raiden (who looks more than ready to rumble) and Goro, but also seem creepy-looking new characters like Ferra/Torr, “an armored dwarf-woman and a giant masked brute.” It also features Cassie Cage, the daughter of former Kombat fighters Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade. But it’s Kombat legend Kitana who takes the bloody cake in the new trailer, as her new fatality includes cutting off an opponents hands and then slicing his head into pieces. That’s called finishing strong.

Here’s the trailer:

The game is scheduled to come out in April. Get ready for a bloody spring.