Exclusive: These Mosaic Damascus Steel Pistols Are Unlike Any Firearms Ever Made

Gorgeously groundbreaking.


Damascus steel, originally made for sword blades forged with intricate patterns and fabled to perform unbelievable feats of strength, is used in some of the world’s priciest luxury knives these days. 

Master blacksmith Robert Eggerling recently managed to create a super-exclusive version of it, in an even more intricate mosaic pattern. And now Pennsylvania-based Cabot Gun Co., makers of the world’s most expensive custom handguns, has used it in making a custom pistol for the very first time.

Cabot Guns

Cabot Gun Co. founder Robert Bianchin has had his artisans craft just four of his signature Colt 1911-style .45 caliber pistols using mosaic Damascus on the barrel and grips, and he will be offering three of them for sale at $29,900.  

“A large part of what I do in building guns is search for the finest materials on the planet,” Bianchin tells Maxim. “This gun represents a long journey and a firearm accomplishment I believe is quite important. Great firearms start with rare materials.”

Cabot Guns

While Bianchin has used Damascus steel before (along with meteorites and other exotic stuff), he says Eggerling’s Mosaic Damascus is truly next-level. Bianchin first commissioned a unique Mosaic Damascus block of steel for the pistols. “Like a a Willy Wonka of steel,” Bianchin recalls, Eggerling works in a shed with forges, hydraulic presses and other equipment he invented himself in order to create the uber-metal. 

Cabot Guns

“The Mosaic Damascus from which the guns are made is art itself,” Bianchin tells us. “Crafting guns from unique steel such as this is rather difficult. It involves learning the specific cutting and finishing properties which are developed just for this piece of material. The construction of the pistols took over a year. These four pistols are among the finest work we have ever undertaken. 

Cabot Guns

“This is the first-ever use of his material to build a firearm,” Bianchin notes. The first pistol was commissioned by one of Bianchin’s top clients before the material was even completed. “The price reflects the fact that we were able to create four of them,” Bianchin notes. 

“If there was only one this would be a $75,000 handgun.” So – a bargain at $29,900 if you’re able to get your hands on one, and as deadly and accurate as all of Cabot’s high-precision, custom-crafted pistols.