WATCH: Motorcyclist Makes a Near-Fatal Mistake

This gnarly crash probably could have been prevented.

Whether you’re going for the rakish Italian vibe with a Ducati or the classic heavy-metal feel with a Harley-Davidson, being a biker is so much more than just looking the part. Take it from this video: you’ve got to have a pretty good grip on safety before hitting the roads.

A driver in San Diego recently captured a gnarly motorcycle crash ahead of him on his G1W-C Dash Cam. The reckless rider attempted an emergency stop when cars ahead of him began to slow. However, the biker’s brakes locked, and he went flying and sliding as his bike flipped into the traffic barrier. Luckily, the motorcyclist had a helmet and jacket to avoid getting too torn up in the wreck, but it seems clear he wasn’t necessarily prepared for this disaster scenario.

His first mistake may have been inattention to the cars in front of him, which had slowed to a stop before he knew to hit the brakes. Even the best of bikers can doze, but he may have made the rookie mistake of hitting the back brakes too hard. A general rule of thumb is to apply more pressure with the front brakes and only a bit on the back ones. The rider might have attempted to let up the rear brakes a bit, but the whole thing went down far too fast for any last-second adjustments.

The crash looked pretty messed up, but the biker managed to stand and step off the road with an assist from onlookers. We’re just glad he’s okay and hope he heeds a few safety precautions next time he hits the freeway.