Motorcycle We Want: Harley Softail Slim Crowned Stallion

A modified bike worthy of chain-smoking and roughing up a hotel room

If there was ever a bike we’d ride on the back of with another man, it would 100-percent be this Harley Softail Slim modified by Rough Crafts (and the guy would be Jack Nicholson). Normally, we would only condone two grown-ass men riding a motorcycle together if they were back to back and the passenger was carrying a submachine gun. However, in this case, we’d make an exception—because even with the 76-year-old Nicholson at the helm, picking up chicks or seeming badass wouldn’t be an issue. Hell, it might even help.

Photos Courtesy of / Bobby Ho

What makes the Taiwanese Crowned Stallion so worthy is the ingenuity to assimilate American iron with modern Taiwan swagger. The gearheads over at Rough Crafts built the Softail to a buyer’s exacting specs—gothic flair with vintage finishing. Sometimes gold can be tacky, but here it’s perfectly executed. Now, if only we could find those smokes (and Jack) and go for a ride.

Photos by Photos Courtesy of / Bobby Ho