Motorola To Launch Foldable RAZR Smartphone In February 2020

The revolutionary phone was delayed due to high demand.


If you were anticipating the release of Motorola’s next-gen folding screen razr smartphone (the company prefers the name spelled in lower case now) in early January 2020 and found yourself disappointed, fear not: it will be available before you know it.

The foldable razr, powered by Android, was initially supposed to be available for preorders just after Christmas 2019, and that’s where the problems began. Motorola may have brought its most popular name ever back hoping to boost the brand enough to compete with Apple and Samsung, and those hopes were fulfilled—ultimately delaying the phone’s delivery by nearly a month.

Now Verizon, currently the razr’s sole carrier, says the phone will be available to preorder through them on January 26.

A reminder via Verizon as to why the new razr is likely to present a rare thing these days: Something new and interesting in the smartphone market:

The main screen is a gorgeous, full-length 6.2” display that closes completely in half. On the outside, a touch-enabled “Quick View” display lets you interact with notifications without having to open the phone. The razr also has a 16-megapixel camera with Night Vision and all-day battery life with TurboPower charging. Want to know why this phone is perfect for consumers and businesses? Here you go:

State-of-the-art flexible screen: The razr uses advanced flexible OLED screen technology and a groundbreaking hinge mechanism that allows the phone to close with both sides perfectly flush. This engineering breakthrough protects the display and creates an even thinner, more compact design.

Flip it open to bring movies and videos to life in high-definition on a stunning 6.2” Flex View display. The display also has a 21:9 CinemaVision aspect ratio – the same ultra-wide dimensions used by the film industry – so you can enjoy all of the action from edge to edge.

It really does sound striking. One novel detail that may have as much to do with renewed interest as any of the features above is pretty simple, though—the damn thing fits easily in a pocket.

Seriously, Apple iPhone designers began moving away from concerns about easy portability and the age of the compact, easily-carried flip phone seemed to fade in favor of pocket supercomputers. In bringing back that form factor, don’t be surprised if Motorola reminds the competition that portability matters.

The razr will cost you, however. The phone costs $1,499.99 retail, or $62.49 monthly for two years on Verizon’s Device Payment plan. 

The Motorola razr will be in stores and online on February 6, 2020