This Multi-Tool Axe Can Tackle Any Mission

It’s right at home in case of emergency—or for outdoor adventures.

Behold: the axe to end all axes. The latest offering from Outland Equipment, The Multi-Mission 1901, is potentially the largest multi-tool we’ve ever seen. But does bigger mean better? In this case, yes.

A 3.9-inch blade is augmented with a hex nut tool and hammer at the top. The bottom of the axe comes outfitted with a pry bar and seatbelt cutter which makes it an ideal tool for first responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike. While the open design may look ungainly, the full-tang, S7 steel body is coated with grip-enhancing material ideal for wielding the axe from multiple angles.

Score one in either 15” or 17” from Outland for $ 475.