This Gadget Charges Your Phone With Salt and Water

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JAQ uses salt and water to power your devices

JAQ uses salt and water to power your devices (Photo: myFC)

Hydrogen fuel cells aren't just for powering drones and futuristic underwater cities. Next week at Mobile World Congress, the innovative Swedes at myFC will showcase JAQ, their second-gen product capable of fully recharging a phone by simply slipping a super light, thin salt-and-water-filled card into it.

Of course, the product's name is purposefully ironic, since you'll no longer be constrained by having to find a wall jack to recharge your external battery, phone and whatever small USB devices you don't want drained.

If you'd like to pre-book on their site, that's not an obligation to buy, just a way to save your place in line. They appear to be selling it as a monthly subscription service totaling about $65 a year.

Okay, we may say this a lot, but that really is a small price to pay for portable power and peace of mind.

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