Mini Robotic Button-Pushers Are Here to Take Over Your Home

Saving your fingers, one automated poke at a time.

In the world of annoying, temporally incorrect clichés, “the future is now” tops the list. And yet nothing conjures up visions of the future more so than a fleet of robots carrying out your every whim. Kicking off a crowdfunding campaign on Monday November 9th, Korean company Naran wants to make that dream a reality with what they call “Microbots.”

Wirelessly connected to a smart base, these robotic fingers can be individually programmed to—automatically or manually—push just about any button, from a light switch to common household appliances to the computers, phones and other fancy gadgets that still require some sort of tactile interaction. We won’t resort to the callous cliché that this innovative technology makes dumb devices smart, but it certainly takes advantage of today’s technology to breathe new life into yesterday’s.

This cool 3-minute video sums up how Microbots will push your buttons…in a good way:

Photos by The Naran Inc.