NASA-Approved 3D-Printed House Lets You ‘Experience Mars on Earth’

It’s the next best thing to an extraterrestrial vacation.


A freakily futuristic 3D-printed house that lets guests “experience Mars on Earth” offers a glimpse at what an actual interplanetary vacation could be like. 

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It’s the brainchild of AI SpaceFactory, the same team that was awarded $500,000 for winning NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge with the sustainable MARSHA design earlier this year

A rendering of MARSHA on Mars. 

As Hi Consumption notes, the so-called TERA shares MARSHA’s compostable, biopolymer-basalt composite construction and cylindrical shape. 


But instead of residing in a field NASA droids and satellites on a Martian landscape, TERA will be nestled in the woods of upstate New York near a bank of the Hudson River. 


It’s unclear if it will also boast MARSHA’s cozy living pods for sleeping, working and cooking or backlit spiral staircase, as the TERA Indiegogo page offers few details. 


Regardless, AI SpaceFactory fully intends on bringing TERA to fruition. Check out its website for updates.