This Portable Freezer/Fridge Is the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure Cooler

There’s literally nothing cooler than this cooler.

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Where suckers buy bags of ice, ballers bring a fridge—or even better, National Luna’s Weekender 50 Twin, which combines both a 42 1/4-quart refrigerator section and separate 10 1/2-quart freezer section in one durable, 58-pound portable unit.

It’s not just the smallest dual-zone cooler you’ll find, it’s smart too. Its Turbo mode cools super quick, by drawing extra power when it’s available. And its advanced digital thermostat, battery monitor and a Battery Save mode make it safe (for your vehicle powering it) and efficient as well.

Separate fridge and freezer compartments
Separate fridge and freezer compartments (Photo: Equipt Expedition Outfitters)

Dual hinges let you flip the outer lid either back or to the side, depending on your preference. The freezer compartment comes with its own protective inner lid. And other conveniences include a lockable latch, interior light and three food-grade plastic baskets.

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A great cooling companion for boat trips, camping or weekend cabin adventures, it’s available from Equipt for $1,650.