New Beats Solo Pro Noise-Cancelling Headphones Have Amazing Battery Life

With this total redesign of the Solo, Beats levels up.


Beats by Dr. Dre (AKA plain old Beats) just introduced the Solo Pro, its first-ever on-ear headphones with noise-cancelling function. They may have a hit on their hands

After all, we’re not just talking a couple of long-awaited abilities. The real innovation isn’t evident till you get a pair and start using them—the Solo Pro has truly astonishing battery life: 22 hours with normal use and 40 hours if you switch off noise cancellation and sound transparency (filtering background noise so you can hear your surroundings for safety’s sake). 

Other features include Apple Audio Sharing and fold to power—that is, you fold them to power off and they automatically turn back on when unfolded. 


Another thing you quickly notice with the Solo Pro is its sleek lines—it’s pretty slimmed down for Beats. In a release, Beats president Luke Wood said, “Beats created Solo Pro to bring much-needed innovation to the on-ear headphone market.”

Wood also said that with its “phenomenal
acoustics, multiple listening modes, and a progressive design, Solo Pro” is a natural companion to the also recently-released Powerbeats Pro. 

There’s a celebrity connection, too. From the Beats press release:

Pharrell Williams, renowned artist and longterm ambassador of the brand, has partnered with Beats to create the
“More Matte” collection, comprised of vibrant colors Dark Blue, Light Blue and Red. The collection will be available
alongside core colors Black, Ivory and Gray.

The colors are striking and in a way one of the elements that truly make these a classic Beats product.

In addition to the new innovations, the Solo Pro is as Apple-friendly as the other Beats products—there’s the sharing function as well as chipsets optimized for sharing with iOS devices.

You can buy them at for $299.95 beginning Oct. 30.