This Ultra-Futuristic New Smartphone Can Take 3D Selfies and Read Lips

The next decade of smartphone technology starts here.

The smartphone just got a lot smarter. 

Billed as “the world’s first mobile entertainment hub,” Turing Space Industries’ HubblePhone K3-XR makes pretty much every other cellular device look totally obsolete. 

The most apparent head-turning features are its multiple 12″ screens and 15X optical cameras, which can literally read users’ silent lips to make calls or send texts. 

A high-tech messaging application can also scan and deliver photos of 3D objects that are projected onto recipients’ physical surroundings (don’t ask how). You can finally share a multi-dimensional selfie that shows off all of your best angles. 

The HubblePhone also boasts an unprecedented platform for mobile gaming with integrated AR, VR MR, XR and “Artificial Reality” technologies, as well as 50 percent faster data speed compared to current 4G networks. 

All of these awesome features are housed in a striking titanium aluminide frame that can swivel in any direction on a liquid metal hinge and snap shut like a flip phone. 


This all might sound like a cellular pipe dream, but the smartphone’s designer, Paavo Pietola, helped bring the Nokia 2010 and Ericsson T66 to market, each of which were groundbreaking devices in their time. 

Unfortunately, you’ll need to wait two years and put away $2,750 to purchase the HubblePhone when it drops in 2020. It’ll definitely be worth the wait. 

h/t: Inside Hook