This New Star Wars Battlefront Trailer Will Hit You Right in the Childhood

Leave your boring old office job and come pilot an X-Wing, duh. 

For many, Star Wars isn’t just a film franchise, but one of the most salient artifacts of our childhood, a series laden with memories powerful enough to bring down a real-life Death Star. PlayStation is hoping to capitalize on this nostalgia with its latest Star Wars Battlefront trailer.

The new trailer, which dropped on Monday, depicts a man who grew up with the massively popular space opera and finds himself increasingly bored with his everyday life. But for a few shining moments, he’s able to recapture the magic of his youth while holding a tiny R2-D2 figure that takes him back to his childhood. He’s there hanging out with his brother, dressed up as Star Wars characters for Halloween and using flashlights to simulate lightsaber battles. That’s right before he throws a damn chair through the window of the skyscraper he’s working in and hops into the cockpit of an X-Wing to go blow some stuff up.

If that doesn’t make you want Star Wars Battlefront, we don’t know what will. The game will be available on November 17th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.