Nintendo Is Bringing Back the Insanely Popular NES Classic This Summer

Find out how you can actually get one.

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When Nintendo first introduced a hand-held, easily connectable version of their iconic ’80s NES console back in 2016, the world went nuts. This was the system most of America grew up playing, and their updated version, dubbed the NES Classic, hit right as the retro gaming trend was taking off in a huge way. 

Since every ’80s kid wanted one, it soon became almost impossible to cop; the system sold out almost immediately. Then, a few months later, Nintendo discontinued the system, ensuring the only way to get one was to pay an exorbitant price on eBay.

Well, that was then.. and this is now.

Yes, the hugely sought-after console will return to store shelves on June 29th, and Nintendo expects it—along with the equally cool SNES Classic—to be available through the end of the year.

Here’s all the information on the system from Nintendo. It will cost $60 and feature the same slate of 30 pre-installed games as the previous version, including favorites Super Mario Bros., Metroid and The Legend of Zelda.

NES Classic

Now you’re playing power… old school power!