Nintendo May Be Releasing a Followup To the Wildly Popular NES Classic

It’s about damn time.

The holiday season spelled great success for Nintendo’s miniature NES Classic. After all you couldn’t get much more affordable than the $60 price point, and the nostalgia factor was off the charts. Which is why it pretty much sold out everywhere it was stocked. 

But a new patent captured by a Japanese-language Twitterbot account that just pulls data from filings indicates Nintendo may just be ready to double-down with another console re-release.

The documents — which appear to be related to the trademarked classic SNES game control — suggest 2017 could bring a SNES reboot. Digital Trends makes a good case as to why this might be a no-brainer for Nintendo if they’re really heading in this direction:

Twenty-five years after the console’s initial release, producing a miniature version of the SNES packed with pre-loaded games wouldn’t be any more difficult than forging the NES Classic Edition. The necessary hardware wouldn’t be much more expensive than the components required to play NES games and the same companies that licensed their titles for inclusion on the NES Classic Edition would likely be involved with a SNES version, too.

It’s pretty damn obvious, too, that Nintendo would only clean up big time from such sweet retro gear. The generations who grew up using the original in the cellar have kids of their own now, money, and nostalgia to spare.

We say bring it on.

h/t Digital Trends