Nintendo Games Are Coming To Your Smartphone

Finally! Now who’s up for some Rush ‘N Attack?

In 2011, when asked whether or not he’d license his titles to smartphone developers, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said it was a venture “absolutely not under consideration.” Apparently the company viewed smaller screens as a step down. Four years later, Iwata has changed his tune. Today, Nintendo announced a partnership with Japanese software-developer DeNA, which is known for working with such brands as Disney and Square Enix, for app-based games.

The release states that all of Nintendo’s intellectual property is up for smartphone-ization. That means everything from old favorites (Contra! Rush ’N Attack! Double Dragon!) to new franchises (Super Smash Brothers! and uhhh Pikmin!) could be available in the near future, as could a new wave of smartphone-specific titles. We’re most excited about wearing our Tanooki suits again and trying to remember where the warp whistles are in Super Mario Bros. 3. Or if the Contra code will work. Or if we can still knock King Hippo’s pants down in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Your commute, fellow traveler, is about to get much better.