This Golf Ball Never Misses The Hole, Thanks To Nissan’s Self-Driving Car Tech

Putting perfection, every single time.

Nissan Golf Ball promo

Nissan has created a smart golf ball that ensures even a directionally challenged four-year-old can hit a hole in one every time—just watch the magic happen in the video above.

The putting nerve-appeasing ProPilot golf ball works using a built-in electric motor and an external overhead camera. 

When struck, a combination of monitors and sensors work together to automatically calculate the correct path to the hole, guiding the ball to its “home,” as Happy Gilmore would put it.  

What’s the Japanese marque doing on the green, anyway? This “concept”—some would call it a marketing stunt—is meant to showcase the latest version of Nissan’s ProPilot driver assistance system, according to Car and Driver

The semi-autonomous technology, which debuts in in the new Skyline sedan next month, is designed for ramp-to-ramp highway travel. 

After a destination is entered into a navigation unit, the car will be able to cruise down a single lane without any human intervention, as well as assist the driver in passing and lane exiting on a multi-lane highway. The Tesla Autopilot system performs similarly. 

For those only interested in the ProPilot golf ball, visitors will be able to try it out for themselves this weekend at the Nissan Global Headquarters Gallery…in Yokohama. Hopefully you’ve already booked your flight.