The Nite Ops Can Cooler Is a Shining Beacon of Hope for Spilled Beers Everywhere

Say hello to the future.

It’s late. You’re laughing around the campfire that’s almost petered out. You finally tell that joke you’ve been trying to squeeze into the conversation for the past ten minutes and reach over to take a celebratory swig of beer for the feat. Except you can’t: In reaching for your can of sweet, frothy nectar you’ve knocked it over in the darkness. Game over, you lose.

Unless of course you came prepared with the Nite Ops Can Cooler.

At it’s simplest, Nite Ops is simply a koozie. But at its greatest, it’s a shining beacon of hope for spilled beers everywhere.  Equipped with an LED light on the bottom, the case makes your drinks pretty hard to lose. And at $10 a pop, there’s really no reason not to snap up a couple.