Nomad’s Folio Case Is a Rugged iPhone Protector and Wallet In One

Game-changing simplicity.


Minimalism and simplicity are in.  People are seeking ways to do with less. Less clutter, room to move freely. 

This need to streamline goes all the way down to your pockets. Ever sat down with wallet and keys in one pocket and your iPhone in another and realize your usual everyday carry is a little too bulky?


Phone folio cases take out the wallet part of that equation, and few combine practicality and elegance like the Nomad line.

Nomad makes its cases from Horween leather. Over time they develop the same sheen found on lived-in luxury wallets and bags, housing the iPhone’s glassy, ultra-modern curves in something that feels intimate, and timeless. 


The Nomad has room for six cards—ID, credit, debit, you name it—and a cash pocket. Slip those essentials out of that old wallet and tuck it in a drawer, leave home with just your phone and keys—simple as can be. 

Nomad’s folio cases come in black and brown and are sized for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Those are the only colors you’ll need—and no one has to know you only paid $60 for such an eye-catching upgrade.