The World’s First Smart, Non-Invasive Anti-Snoring Solution

Say goodbye to the buzzsaw from hell.

She’s lovely, but every night as you lie awake, you wonder how something so otherwise beautiful could generate such a horrific noise—and without knowing it?! It’s time to end that sleep-depriving snoring once and for all.

The magic of Nora (just launched today on Kickstarter) begins with a sleek, mouse-sized device. Once activated with a simple tap, its built-in microphone detects snoring sounds and wirelessly inflates a thin pouch you’ve placed in her (okay, maybe your) pillow, opening the sleeper’s airways and restoring peace to the universe. Best of all, you don’t have to wear any nose strips, chin straps, or Darth Vader-sounding masks.

The package—which includes a portable, rechargeable case—is discreet, quiet (otherwise it’d defeat the purpose) and works on any pillow regardless of sleeping position. As of this writing, sub-$200 earlybird deals are still available (it’ll retail for $300). Still not sure you want to spend the money? Maybe you oughtta sleep on it. 

Photos by Smart Nora