Now There’s A Gun Designed Just For Disabled Shooters

Jimmy from South Park is in luck: You only need one working thumb to fire the “ergonomically innovative” Palm Pistol. 

A .38-caliber pistol designed for disabled, elderly, arthritic, or amputee shooters will be available for purchase beginning in December. 

The one-shot, defensive Palm Pistol is built to be triggered via thumb by New Jersey firearms instructor Matthew Carmel. He dreamed up the bizarre-looking weapon back in 2006, after noticing some older students had trouble firing regular handguns. But he has only now managed to raise the funding to sell it—just in time for the holidays. 

The Palm Pistol in action.

In 2008, rumors swirled that the FDA had approved the $1,350 gun as a medical device eligible for Medicare coverage—which the agency later denied. Still, Carmel maintains that the “ergonomically innovative” Palm Pistol is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who can’t shoot traditional firearms.

“This is a product that’s necessary,” Carmel insists. “It can be gripped in 14 different ways. It’s for  disabled shooters who want to be able to defend themselves: amputees, wounded combat vets, if you have missing fingers, or for people with hand weakness.”

The Palm Pistol and its accessories. 

Even though he first sketched the Palm Pistol on a piece of paper nine years ago, Carmel says he only recently secured the “high six-figure” financing to begin producing it.

“This thing has 72 parts to it,” he says. “It’s more like a watch then a gun. It takes me a half hour to assemble each one, which is a long time to put a gun together. I personally assemble and test-fire every one.”

Since Carmel announced he was finally in business last week, he claims to have already logged 36 orders and counting. If you want one for the disabled, infirm, or just really old gun nut in your life, go to Tell ’em Jimmy sent you.