Behold the Magical Floating Cup You Didn’t Know Your Bar Needed

Raise your glass! Oh, it is already.

The mesmerizing levitating cup

To take an otherwise ordinary object and make it thrilling and desirable beyond belief, you can either cover it in gold or make it float in midair. Using a special powered base, The Levitating Cup does the latter.

We won’t get into the nerdy details about how Quantum Locking works with superconducters, etc. Just know that you can easily suspend a cup, carefully pour into it without tipping it over and enjoy your beverage as slack-eyed gawkers look on.

A closer look at the magical electric base
A closer look at the magical electric base (Photo: Oakbottle)

Speaking of which, your guests will probably assume based on this cup’s seemingly magical hovering ability that you’re able to perform an equally mystifying series of card tricks. So you might want to bone up on those in your spare time.

Introducing, the LEVITATING COCKTAIL by Oak Bottle from Oak Bottle on Vimeo.

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What’s the price of adding such an enchanted vessel to your barware? This gravity-defying glassware is available for $190 on the Oakbottle site. That includes one base and one glass.

Of course, we’d like to see future iterations that float two tumblers or maybe several shot glasses at once. Cause the more floaty things, the better, right?