Oakley Returns To The ’90s With Subzero Shades Reissue

The aggro 90s-shades are back on the market.


The most iconic, innovative styles in your everyday carry — and your wardrobe — require no introduction. Sometimes though, they require a reintroduction, which is what makes Oakley’s reissue of the 1992 Subzero so exciting, covetable and still timeless.

The new Oakley Subzero just hit the market for the highly accessible price of $268, and as luck would have it, it’s already sold out (for now), but it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for both similar styles and a possible restock. Although when a reissue has already been 30 years in the making, what’s a bit more time spent waiting to snag your pair?


If you missed out on Oakley Subzero when it hit the market, the story goes something like this: It quickly became one of the coolest pairs of sunglasses on the planet, made with a single-piece lens and a shockingly lightweight design.


It’s the use of extremely durable yet light-to-the-touch carbon fiber that helped Oakley break new ground, not to mention the incredible and visually striking aesthetic of the shades themselves.

It’s a testament to the laser-sharp design chops of Oakley’s team that the Subzero remains as eye-catching and forward-thinking in terms of looks — yes, even 30 years later.


In fact, Oakley wisely notes that the original Subzero broke new ground in the world of sunglasses, to say the least, noting that “they redefined the nature of eyewear entirely.”

The newest reissue promises a similar approach, using Oakley’s Prizm lens technology and sturdy Unobtainium nose pads and ear shocks.


As if the Subzero wasn’t striking enough, a vivid array of color options designed to suit every palette further move the Subzero squarely into the realm of a modern classic.

These shades somehow epitomize downtown cool (standing out nicely with straightforward style classics like an indigo denim jacket and black jeans), yet could also add serious style to a breezy double-breasted suit and lightweight tee pairing.

It’s almost no wonder the reissue flew off shelves, online sales included: At the distinctly affordable price point of $268, the reissued Oakley Subzero is a downright steal, not unlike other Oakley shades that blend futuristic tech with accessible style.

There’s just something different about the Subzero though, and if you didn’t know before, you’re well-acquainted now.