The Oclean One is The High-Tech Sonic Smartbrush Of The Future

The groundbreaking new connected toothbrush doesn’t just monitor dental health, it sends users free replacement heads as a reward for brushing well.

oclean one black toothbrush

Presented by Oclean

The first thing you notice about the new Oclean One connected toothbrush is the impressive heft of it in your hand. The handsome matte black version, which looks like something John Wick would hang under his bathroom mirror, has a weighty, pleasingly ergonomic feel that immediately indicates this isn’t your typical electric toothbrush. 

But it’s only after the Oclean One is turned on that you see how this high-tech sonic “smartbrush” will take your oral care to the next level. That extra weight is thanks to a built-in gyroscope and advanced smart sensor integration which gathers data on brush motion, angle and pressure. 

What’s more, this toothbrush’s groundbreaking tech and brush speed isn’t even what makes it so unique. The Oclean app not only tracks your brushing performance as you use it—providing a daily cleanliness score, detailed brushing reports, and monthly health stats—it actually rewards you for brushing well.


Users who maintain good brushing habits while using the app can receive free replacement heads in the mail every three months for the life of the smartbrush—estimated at a whopping 5,000 hours of usage.

The Oclean One also boasts dental office-grade power and cleaning capability. Its sonic motor is capable of an impressive 42,000 brush strokes per minute, which the company says delivers 20 percent more power than other brands currently on the market.


Just download the Oclean mobile app and connect the Oclean One via Bluetooth to your phone, and you’re ready to get started. 

Via colorful touch tone tiles like something from a Buzzfeed news quiz, the app asks you to choose answers regarding the whiteness and crookedness of your teeth, and whether you smoke or drink wine or coffee, among other dentally-appropriate questions. 

The app then gives you a recommendation of how to brush, including visual steps for precisely where to use your Oclean One in a series of five 30-second increments.


The Oclean One’s intelligent algorithm analyzes brushing data to suggest corrections, and reduces brush speed and frequency when too much pressure is detected in order to protect your enamel and gums from damage caused by over-brushing.

It has three brushing modes (cleaning, whitening and massage), four intensity settings, a 3 ½ hour rapid charging capability, and a battery that can last 60 days on a single charge, which is approximately four times longer than other leading electric brushes. 

The travel-ready toothbrush is constructed from an anti-bacterial and anti-fouling material and is easy to keep clean by simply running under a faucet. It’s also made with a “five-layer finishing process design” which accounts for its premium hand-feel.

So why wait? Go the extra smile with The Oclean One, available in matte black, white or pink for $89.99.