Finally, an Easy Way to Keep Your Keys from Jangling

Enjoy more silence—and space—from your pockets.
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Orbitkey organizes your flat keys--adding a bottle opener and usb drive--in one safe, secure, classy, rattle-free leather or elastomer loop.

Unless you're a janitor or a baby, you don't have much use for a big mess of jingling keys. Traditional rings allow the keys to not only make noise, but take up too much space and either slap or stab you in the leg. But it doesn't have to be this way. Picture, if you can, a world with silent keys. Available in a leather ($40) or elastomer ($30) band, Orbitkey is the simple, silent, classy, and functional way to make that world a reality.

A locking mechanism keeps up to seven flat keys—or five keys plus an optional bottle opener and USB drive—secure and organized, ready to calmly and precisely rotate into position when you need them. It also comes with a D-ring, so you can attach your not-so-flat car key/fob. Within their FAQ, they offer three ways to check if your keys are compatible with this minimalist solution, which is pretty key to it becoming your favorite new EDC.

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