The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker Is Built To Endure All Manner Of Mayhem

Watch the COFFEEBOXX survive explosions and a Jeep attack.

COFFEEBOXX is the world's toughest portable single-cup brewer

Far from the type who delicately sips imported coffee blends while nibbling crustless watercress sandwiches with your pinkies sticking up, you’re the kinda guy who slurps java throughout the day from whatever hollow container’s available cause you’re gettin’ shit done in whatever way it needs to be.

For you, we present COFFEEBOXX—so rugged and amped up, they need to capitalize the whole damn name. As you’ll see in the above video, it’s not only resilient in the face of getting tossed around and dropped, but also impervious to ground-shaking explosions and getting crushed by a Jeep.

It’s also resistant to water, dust and rust. And a rubberized handle, removable 2.5-liter tank and retractable 3-foot power cord make it portable. (You can always bring an outlet with you.)

Other than that, it’s just your average single-serve 8-, 10- or 12-ounce coffee cup brewer, with a removable drip tray and replaceable filter. And it pours plain hot water on demand, which is nice.

It's watertight and resistant to dust, rust and shocks
It’s watertight and resistant to dust, rust and shocks (Photo: OXX)

It’s available in a couple of models with all sorts of accessories and packages. But we’ve got our eye on the Special Ops Bundle (currently on sale for $290), which includes a Limited Edition black COFFEEBOXX, along with sickly strong coffee, a 20-ounce stainless steel travel mug and some water filters.