Rule the Seas with this Million-Dollar Carbon Fiber Sport Yacht

Give Poseidon the finger.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.29.30 AM.png

Render: Palmer Johnson

Monaco-based yacht builder Palmer Johnson has introduced the hot new PJ63 open sport yacht and will ship 30 of the boats to the U.S., with most of them unsurprisingly headed to south Florida.

Render: Palmer Johnson

These 63-foot, million dollar-plus beauties carry four passengers in comfort, while the boat is operated by a single crewperson. Pick yours up from the headquarters and you’ll make short work of the cruise to Cannes, thanks to the PJ63’s 36-knot top speed.

Render: Palmer Johnson

Like a modern race car or fighter jet, the PJ63 is constructed of carbon fiber for maximum strength and minimum weight. Though it is a monohull design, the yacht has outrigger-like sponsons that keep it steady in the water to minimize motion sickness-inducing rolling.