Party Anywhere With This Rugged All-Terrain Igloo Cooler

Sand, grass and tough trails are no match for the Trailmate’s knobby 10-inch wheels.

Trailmate's clearance makes for easy travel and cooler contents (Photo: Igloo Products Corp)

Although sporting built-in blenders and booming speakers are certainly a bonus, the prime directives for coolers are simply to go wherever you do and keep your shit chilled in the process.

With knobby 10-inch wheels and a telescoping handle, Igloo’s new 70-quart Trailmate ($300) makes the transportation process as easy as it gets. And with Ultratherm insulation enabling four-day ice retention, it’s got that second part covered as well.

Once you reach your party destination and set it down, several inches of clearance off the ground keep it that much cooler. To keep certain items dry, it features a suspended interior food basket. And its threaded drain plug lets you attach a hose to expel excess water.

Other conveniences include a multipurpose Butler Tray, accessory holders, bungee tie-down loops, a pair of external bottle openers and a handy mobile device stand.

Using Liddup tech, the Party Bar cooler lights up (Photo: Igloo Products Corp)
Using Liddup tech, the Party Bar cooler lights up (Photo: Igloo Products Corp)

In fact, the only key feature the Trailmate doesn’t have that we wish it did is the Liddup technology that illuminates the contents of Igloo’s Party Bar ($230). 

Then again, for the extra doe and worrying about charging the thing, we’re fine with bringing along a flashlight or getting our hands icy cold while fishing around for our brew in the post-dusk party hours.