The Pax 2 Was Sent Back From the Future to Save Smokers

Discreet, well-designed and efficient, the new Pax 2 is great tech for modern tokers.

The vaporizer was once something associated with Cheetos-fingered burn outs who spent their days debating the merits of Aoxomoxoa and inspiring the designers of the Taco Bell late night menu. Now, they’re sleek, rechargeable mainstream devices more akin to smartphones than smoking paraphernalia.The  Pax 2 from Pax Labs builds on that reputation. The follow up to one of the original pocket-able, design-heavy devices that helped bring vaporizers out of the basement, the Pax 2 retains the original aesthetic and simplicity (simply stash smokeables in the basin, press a button, and wait for it to heat up) but is smaller (less than four inches) and more efficient (its battery lasts 30-percent longer).Four separate heat settings let you dial in the optimal temperature; a new motion and lip-sensing technology adjusts settings based on your toke to provide a stronger draw. The Pax 2 also has a “Party Mode”: shake it in a certain way and colored lights will flash and enable dutchie-passers to play such psychedelic games as Simon or stare at the pretty colors. And while its certainly one of the classiest vaporizers around, we’re sure it can still assist in a rousing game of “lick all the Pop Tarts in the cupboard.” [$280;]