PBR Burner!

Gambled away your utilities money again? Take two beers, fashion a hobo stove, and live another day.

Supplies2    beer cans
1    strip of sandpaper
1    precision knife
1    small wad of fiberglass
1    pushpin
3    tsp. rubbing alcohol
1    wire coat hanger
1    lighter

1. Drain the contents of the first can and measure one inch from the base. Use fine sandpaper to remove the paint and any dents, then slice off this piece as cleanly and evenly as possible with your knife.

2. Use the bottom of the unopened can to widen the newly cut base of the first can for fitting purposes. Now empty the contents of the second can (the fun part!), sand down the base, and cut it in the same fashion.

3. Place a small wad of fiberglass into the base to help spread your fuel out evenly. Now work the can bottoms together until they’re even and tight, making sure there are no openings for fuel to escape.

4. Using a sharp pushpin, poke a cross pattern of five openings into the center of the top can (this is where you’ll pour the fuel). For the jet holes, poke 16 evenly spaced openings all along the outer ring.

5. Carefully pour about three teaspoons of fuel (rubbing alcohol, Everclear, denatured alcohol, or Heet) into the center holes of your stove. Clean up any spills or you’ll be sorry when it’s time for ignition.

6. If you don’t have a metal stand, bend a coat hanger into a stable shape that won’t fall over. For optimal cooking, configure it to hold the pot roughly four inches above the burner. You’re ready to grill!