This Cutting Edge Mirror Is Like a Smartphone For Your Bathroom

Yes, there’s more to reflect on than just your gorgeous mug.

Meet the world's smartest mirror (Photo: Perseus Mirrors)

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Greek mythology’s Perseus—whom you may know from this generation’s edition of Clash of the Titans—smartly used his shield to strategically capture Medusa, rather than be turned to stone by the Gorgon’s direct stare.

Perhaps it’s with this reflective cunning in mind that Perseus Mirrors is creating its next-generation mirror, which offers more than just a reflexive image of your face.

With its integrated speakers, HD camera and microphone, this cutting edge mirror is able to serve up audio, streaming video (i.e. SportsCenter) and voice recognition functionality as you gaze into your own eyes. Plus you can customize the display with all sorts of widgets (just like on your smartphone) to have a constant beat on weather, news, stocks, traffic and your social feeds.

Best of all, each user can personalize it, so when you step up for a brush, shave or primp, it displays info about your particular calendar, commute or whatever.

Even though the first two earlybird levels for its Kickstarter campaign have come and gone, you can still snag one of these smart and decorative devices for $219—over half off the planned retail price.

Expected delivery is next April. So until then, you’ll have to juggle multiple gadgets—or check into a fancy hotel with similar functionality built in—to enjoy a multi-tasking, multimedia mirror experience.