The Personal Assistant That Follows You Home

The Jabra Stealth works everywhere so you can too.

No heavier that your daily allotment of pomade, the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset weighs in at a paltry quarter of an ounce, making it virtually undetectable for the wearer. For the person looking at the wearer, the uniquely styled bit of wearable tech also has plenty to recommend it: the over-ear hook announces the headsets presence and its quite literally straightforward design is minimalist without the pretense. Users don’t have to worry that they’ll look like they’re talking to themselves when they’re actually talking to Siri, the robo-babe this tech turns into a more attentive personal assistant. Jabra allows hands-free multi-taskers to use verbal interfaces to stream music or get directions. Still, the best feature is the combinations HD Voice and Noise Blackout, which makes users sounds like they’re in the office even when they’re at a bar. That conference call just got a lot easier to plan around. [$100;