This Razor-Thin Wallet Will Also Charge Your Phone

Where have you been all my life?

Although most articles about EDCs start by saying how everything in your pockets is competing for space, this is a case where your two favorite EDCs are finally playing together. Today on Kickstarter, the smart folks at Phorce launched a new campaign for a great all-in-one EDC they’ve unfortunately decided to call Pocket. Aside from the highly generic name, we’re very excited about it.

Just as a wallet, it checks the basic boxes. It stores up to six spring-loaded cards, ready to release with the press of a finger. And with the help of an elastic strap, it can hold another card (you tend to access most), along with some greenbacks.

But this half-inch thin, 2.5-ouncer is also packing an 1150mAh battery—with built-in Lightning and micro-USB cables! That should recharge most smartphones a third to halfway, enough for hours of extra use; and is more than enough to top off other mobile accessories, such as Bluetooth earbuds.

Too often when we see combo devices like this, either or both functionalities suffer for the sake of slapping them together. But that’s not the case here. It looks like a solid product that does both its functions well.

Because the crowdfunding just kicked off this morning, there are still some super earlybirds left ($59, where it’ll retail for $99). So it might be worth a look. You’re welcome.

Photos by Phorce