How to Turn Your Pickup’s Bed into a Comfy Bed

In just two and half minutes, AirBedz inflates to optimize your truck for R&R.

Okay, it’s not new. But it’s a cool enough idea that bears repeating and just makes sense: An air mattress specially designed to fit the back of a pickup truck. That’s pretty much AirBedz in a nutshell.

The built-in rechargeable battery inflates the air mattress (available to fit various short- and full-length bed sizes) in two and a half minutes. It supports up to 2,500 pounds—which, dear god, I hope you don’t exceed. Ideal for hunting, lounging, or turning tailgating into getting some tail.

Taking the concept a step further, an optional set of wheel well inserts ($30) converts the truck air mattress into a full-size heavy-duty indoor air mattress. Perfect for pajama parties! Uh, that is, manly man stuff done in the man cave that no one else needs to know about. 

Photos by Pittman Outdoor Products International