The Picobrew Zymatic Brews Beer With The Push Of A Button

You’ll have growler-worthy grog in four hours.

Rookie homebrewers produce gallon after gallon of gag-worthy grog before they ever stumble onto a drinkable batch. Remove the guesswork with the Picobrew Zymatic, homebrewing’s answer to the automatic cappuccino machine. Designed by a former Microsoft Executive, the internet-connected device can brew up to 2.5 gallons of almost any style of beer sanctioned by the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program). Simply load your barley and hops of choice into the specific vessels, pour water into the keg, select a recipe from the machine’s internal library, and press a button – you’ll have a batch of ale (or lager or whatsoever you desire) ready in four hours. And after a week of in-fridge fermentation, your porter will be ready for a pint glass. The Zymatic supports both all-grain and mini-mash brewing, and it comes with a massive recipe library as well as four timed hops additions to help you change things up.

Cheating? Maybe for purists. But if your end goal is to make your own beer and actually enjoy drinking it, this machine is just want the brewer ordered. $2,000;