The Badass Pioneer Airbow Has the Power of a Crossbow and the Precision of a Rifle

This fearsome hybrid weapon is a game-changer for game hunters.


While the superb level of functionality possessed by this freaky crossbow-air rifle mash-up is something you’d expect from a spy movie or first person shooter video game, we assure you this is a real thing. 

The Pioneer Airbow is one of the first of its kind in a new category of badass hybrid weaponry. It’s part .22 caliber pellet rifle, and part airbow—that’s a gun that shoots arrows. 

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It’s Precharged Pneumatic, or PCP, power system sends crossbow arrows flying out of the barrel at an insane 450 feet per second. For reference, most modern crossbows are capable of shooting at velocities between 350-425 fps. And to top it all off, the Airbow can pop-off eight arrows in the time a crossbow could fire three. 

If you remain unimpressed, check out this video of an impressed hunter testing the Pioneer Airbow as he takes down a buffalo with just two shots. 

It looks like the hunting crossbow just might be on its way out.