The Pioneer PL-30 Turntable Treats Your Vinyl Like a Lady

The beautiful, compact system offers high-end audio tech at a not-so-high price.

For embarrassing on-demand pop songs, use Spotify and a good pair of earbuds. For actual music with rich, textured sound, go with a salvaged vinyl record laid neatly on the belt-driven platter of the well-priced Pioneer PL-30 turntable. Music purists are raving about the compact profile, rock-solid aluminum base, automatic stop/start feature and modern design – not to mention the fact that the built-in phono EQ (that’s the part in charge of amplifying sound without causing distortion) will work with any receiver. Sure, you won’t be able to rip LPs to digital format (it doesn’t have a USB outlet), but that would only compromise the complex beats blasting out of this thing anyway. [$300;]