This $150,000 ‘Platinum Mamba’ Knife Is the Bugatti of Blades

Is this the most luxurious knife ever?

Here’s a $150,000 diamond-encrusted knife to go with your $100,000 diamond-encrusted vaporizer. 

The Platinum Mamba was born of a collaboration between Sandrin Knives and Cabot Guns—the Pennsylvania-based custom firearm company that created a $4.5 million pair of .45 caliber Colt 1911 pistols out of the Gibeon meteorite. 

The Mamba was inspired by groundbreaking creations from both the automotive world—namely the Bugatti Veyron—and watchmaker Patek Phillippe’s mastery of grand complications

Sandrin Knives lists both as examples of “meticulously crafted objects that use otherworldly materials to combine artistic achievement with well-established functionality.” 

The Platinum Mamba’s most luxurious features are in the handle. It bears 320 colorless GIA F-grade diamonds and rare Wyoming black jade, all set in a whopping 11.5 ounces of platinum. 

“The platinum casting contractor who is considered the best in the jewelry trade told us this is the largest use of platinum they have been involved in,” Rob Bianchin, CEO of Cabot Guns, told Forbes. “These folks do work for all the bigs, including Tiffany’s,” he continued, “It’s just an outrageous amount of platinum. The design of the handle, the setting of the diamonds and inlay of the black jade was all done here in Pennsylvania.”

Sandrin Knives

There are also practical components that merit the Mamba’s admittedly outrageous price tag. Sandrin Knives has used their proprietary blend of ultra-tough tungsten carbide to create blades that last up to 30 times longer than the strongest steel on the market since 2016. 

The Mamba, they say, has a blade that is “harder than any steel knife ever created,” with an HRC value of 71 on the Rockwell scale

If you’re willing to pony up the cash, contact Sandrin Knives here.