The PlayStation TV Brings Classic Games to Modern Screens

For $100, the PS TV lets you play old-school button mashers like an adult.

If you’ve been stifling your nostalgia for old PlayStation games, hook this brownie-sized box to your TV and clear your weekend. With a Wi-Fi connection and a working credit card, the PS TV lets you download and play almost any game from the PlayStation Vita and the PSP. More importantly, you also get access to the original PlayStation classics that kept adolescents of the 90s couch-ridden and pasty — think Gran Turismo and all the best Final Fantasy games. If you already own PSP or Vita games, you can download them to the PS TV for free, and if you have a PS4, the box will link up so you can send everything from the main console to any TV via Wi-Fi. You can buy one solo, or in a pack with a controller and an 8GB memory card for $140. A few games will fill that space quickly, so it’s worth spending an extra $30 for a 16-gig card. [$100;]