This Amazing Pocket Blowtorch Cuts Through Steel Like Butter

You need to see this in action. 

Don’t you hate it when solid metal stands between you and a target? You know, like when you’re faced with locks, bars, underwater cables or a starship room protected by a blast door. For those of us who don’t own light sabers, EMPI offers the TEC Torch.

This compact, 2-pound unit combines a thermite cartridge and electric handle that, with the press of a button, sets off a 2-second burn to create a steel-breaching  5,000-degree Fahrenheit metal vapor jet. Originally developed by the U.S. Air Force, it’s a great tool for salvage, rescue, and other tactical operations. It’s pretty much the hottest, most powerful thing you can hold in your hands. Check it out in action, below: 

Photos by Energetic Materials and Products, Inc.