A Pocketknife for Men in Suits

This badass tool is practical, stylish, and even sharper than your outfit.

Every man should own a tactical multi-tool for miscellaneous badassery, but no man should ever break out his many-bladed weapon a dinner party lest he look, well, toolish. There’s survival and there’s style, and for the latter we recommend the Charlie Knife from Son of a Sailor. This handsome pocket blade is modeled after the French Opinel, a classic folding knife that is so simple, effective, and aesthetically sound that the design has been modified only slightly since the 1890s. But this isn’t just a piece of handheld art – the stainless steel blade, thick beech wood handle and heavy-duty “dipped” paint job can handle rugged cutting jobs with ease. [$34; sonofasailorjewelry.com]