This Pokémon Arcade Game Lets You Fight as Shadow Mewtwo

Ever wanted to beat up a Jigglypuff? Now you can. 

Pokkén Tournament is a standalone arcade game featuring Pokémon locked in combat with each other, a descendent of popular brawlers like la Tekken or Street Fighter(in fact, the name of the game is a pormanteau of Pokémon and Tekken.) You can watch Pikachu beat the crap out of a Machoke, or Charizard scorching a Gengar in-game while taking part in these matches yourself, a great reimagining of the classic.

The latest addition to the roster, however, is Shadow Mewtwo, who looks like he doesn’t have time for anyone’s nonsense. 

There isn’t much elset o take away from the trailer except for a glimpse of Pikachu Libré, or Pikachu with a luchador’s outfit, which is one of the most adorable things we’ve ever seen.

Pokkén Tournament is in arcades right now, but it’s being developed by Bandai Namco for a Wii U release in early 2016.