Multi-taskers, Rejoice: You Can Now Put a Second Screen On Your iPhone

Double the screen time, double the fun?

What started as an Indiegogo project and lived for what seemed like an eternity in pre-order limbo is now just a click away from major retailers like Amazon. Yes, our over-connected world found yet another way to shove a screen in front of your face, in the form of Popslate.

Popslate uses the same type of e-ink display found in e-readers to create a secondary screen on the back of your iPhone case. But this one is actually useful, namely because you can’t use it to play Candy Crush or Facebook stalk your ex. It projects a static image that can be a lifesaver in moments of limited service, keeping a boarding pass, train schedule, or concert ticket QR code on display at all times.

Its black-and-white schema saves your battery, and its lightweight, protective casing will save your phone from the spills and scrapes we all put our mobile companions through.

Pick one up for $129, and embrace our slow decline into complete singularity with machines.

Photos by POPslate Media