This Bluetooth Speaker is Made From Actual Porsche 911 Parts

It’s the supercar of wireless speakers.

Porsche Soundbar Promo 2
Porsche Design

For the Porsche superfan who has everything—including a racy titanium watch and 911 coffee table book—this badass Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed to rev their engine. 

Porsche Design has released a blacked-out version of their eye-catching speaker made with parts from the German automaker’s most iconic supercar.  

The “Black Edition” uses an original 911 GT3 rear silencer and twin exhaust as subwoofer resonators. As the name suggests, its half-stainless steel, half-fiberboard construction is finished in a stunning matte black. 

A wireless remote controls the 40-pound device’s bass, treble and volume. Other audiophile-worthy features including a 2.1 Virtual Surround System and aptX codec ensure a high-fi listening experience. 

Porsche Design

A $4,250 price tag may sound plenty steep, but it’s still way more affordable than the $150,000 911 GT3. Head to Porsche Design if you can’t live without this bad boy powering your home entertainment system.