Porsche Design Celebrates 50 Years with Update Of First Chronograph Watch

Porsche reissued its first-ever watch, the all-black Chronograph 1, in a lightweight titanium design.

Porsche Design

History repeats itself, or so it’s been said, and when the focus of that history is a classic timepiece brought forward 50 years into the future, that’s never a bad thing. Such is the case with the newly reissued Porsche Design Chronograph 1 – 1972 Limited Edition, a revamp of an iconic watch that changed the game for horology fans and design enthusiasts the world over.

The timepiece first sprang to life in 1972, as the name implies, and instantly shook up the watch market with its innovative and never-before-seen all-black design, from the case and bracelet right down to the dial.

The original watch was the first to use an automotive-grade powder coating to give it that distinctive and visually striking all-black finish. A new icon was born straight away, to say the least.

Porsche Design

It’s the intricate details that set apart the classics from the rest of the pack, as Porsche well knows, and those details aren’t overlooked with the revamped Chronograph 1. Boasting a power reserve of 48 hours, it’s the Porsche Design Kaliber WERK 01.140 movement that quite literally makes this watch tick.

The new and improved version also toughens things up with performance titanium as the backbone of its tough, durable and yet surprisingly elegant, speedy construction.

It’s the perfect watch for timepiece collectors, Porsche fans and motorcar enthusiasts, not unlike Porsche Design’s previous collaboration on high-end sneakers with Puma.

Porsche Design

Because Porsche is a brand known for maximizing both daring adventure and iconic style, the Chronograph 1 features a dynamic waterproof case and critical triple chronograph functionality for tracking your excursions down to the second.

When the little details and big-ticket features are as carefully considered as these, the result is a visually striking timepiece that meets exacting design standards. As Porsche says, the 2022 edition of the unbeatable 1972 launch is a “precision instrument that features a perfect symbiosis of design expertise and engineering excellence.”

Porsche Design Chronograph 1
Porsche Design

It’s priced accordingly, clocking in at $7,700. But for major fans of the brand and auto enthusiasts, the deal is even sweeter. Those who invest in the 911 Porsche Design 50th Anniversary Edition are in luck in yet another way. The purchase of the instantly recognizable, innovative Porsche 911 receive a flyback chronometer edition of this 2022 revamp.

The 40mm case diameter and sleek all-black design are every bit as good as the original, with versatility and easily wearable style sure to carry you across the globe, from roadway to runway and back. If you ask us, it’s a perfect example of history repeating itself in the best way possible.