This Keychain Gadget Does Pretty Much Everything

Phone charging, media storage, key finding: what can’t it do?

If Mirai Technology has its way, their potentially upcoming PowerClip multifunction gadget accessory will be your third most important EDC (right after your phone and keys).

It’ll come in two sizes: the approximately 1 1/2-inch wide Micro will offer a 500mAh backup battery (good for emergency power) and 4 GB of media storage, whereas the roughly 2 1/2-inch wide Pro size will sport 1,000mAh (enough to charge your phone about halfway) and either 8 or 32 GB. In addition to supplemental power and memory, all models—available in Cadmium Red (pictured above), Obsidian Black and Cyberian White—will come equipped with a flashlight, activity tracker and the ability to find your keys (or conversely, your phone). Other than that, you just need to choose whether you’d like a slide-out lightning or micro-USB connector.

We can’t help but think of the folks who successfully funded the even more ambitious (if you can believe it) KiiTAG 2—but then couldn’t bring it to market—not that these folks are in any way affiliated with them. It’s a different company, different product and a fresh shot at being your go-to pocketable combo gadget.

Better yet, since it’s currently only 15% of the way to its Indiegogo goal, you’ll likely be able to snag some earlybird pricing.

Photos by Mirai Industek Ltd